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The Natal Chart, or Nativity, is the chart calculated for the moment of birth.  It is the blueprint of the forces in operation when you took your first breath.  From this chart, we discover talents, character traits, potentials for health or illness as well as vocational aptitudes.  We can see what challenges we bring into this life, and ways to potentially overcome them.  This chart also reveals our relationships with our families, and how our early upbringing shapes our character and potential for future relationships.
Transits are the positions of the planets in the sky right now, in relation to our Nativity.  They shed light on the present and future, allowing us to act with clarity and focus.  They help us to see what trends are passing away, and what may be coming up in the near future so we can know when to forge ahead and when it is best to bide our time.  Transits allow us to look forward or backward in time to gain greater understanding of the events and circumstances of our lives.
A Compatibility Chart or Synastry chart compares your horoscope with that of another person.  It points to areas of harmony as well as potential conflict.  We can use this type of chart to explore friendships, business partnerships and love relationships. 
A Composite Chart is derived from the Natal Charts of both Individuals involved in a relationship.  Simply put, a Composite Chart is derived by adding your chart to that of your partner (be they a friend, business associate or lover) and then dividing by two. The process basically creates a new, third chart that reflects the Relationship as an entity unto itself.  Like the Natal chart, it shows areas of harmony and/or discord within the Relationship.  This type of chart can be very revealing and uncannily accurate, despite the questionable methodology! ;)
Horary Chart is a chart cast for a particular moment in time, whether it be an event or a specific question.  It allows us to answer questions such as:  Where is my wallet? Should I buy this house? Will I get this job?  Horary charts are not based on the birth chart, and are ideal for use when the birth time is unknown. 
An Astrobiology Chart, or Fertility Cycle series of charts is calculated to  determine each individual woman's time of greatest fertility, based on the exact angular relationship between the Sun and Moon in her nativity.  Please see the Astro-Fertility page for more in-depth information.
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